2018 MWGA18 Board

Vice President
Handicap Chair
Tournament Chair
Playday Chair
Tee Time/Website
Social Chair

    Lynn Kelleher
    Barb Peneder
    Kim Duffy
    CJ Michael
    Teri Reinig
    Judy Weeks
    Georgia Kraft
    Brooke Stroup
    Marilyn Filkoski
    Mary Ann Spry/
    Linda Gray 

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MWGA 18 Board Meeting Minutes

Date: February 14, 2017 ROX

In Attendance: Judy Borgeson, CJ Michael, Georgia Kraft, Lynn Kelleher,

Brooke Stroup, and Lyn Magette

President: Judy Borgeson

The CWGA annual meeting is on March 4th. Judy and Teri will be attending.

Treasurer: CJ Michael

The Income and Expense report was reviewed. The club has a beginning balance of $849.25, and working balance of $519.25.

CWGA has discontinued the cancer donation program. The club’s donation of

$50.00 will be returned to the general fund for now. We will vote on options for that fund at the spring meeting. Suggestions were the 1st Tee program or the Eisenhower-Evans Fund.

Vice President: Lynn Kelleher

Lynn sent applications to all current members by email. She will post applications on the bulletin board and give some applications to the pro shop.

Club information has been sent to several local newspapers. The Ken Caryl

Newsletter and the digital edition of The Hub have recently posted our information.

She will update membership information as needed and send information to Teri in order

to activate and establish GHIN numbers and to Brooke to update the website.

She distributed forms for ads.

Handicap Chair: Teri Reinig (absent) Judy Borgeson reporting

Teri suggested having an open house at the Meadows for anyone interested

in joining the league.

She will be scheduling a tour of the golf course with John Kinney and interested board members to review suggestions for making the course more “player friendly”.

Play Day Chair: Georgia Kraft

Georgia distributed the preliminary play day schedule.

She will be out of town for a few weeks this spring and asked for help in running

some of the play days. Lyn Magette volunteered to help.

The play day on July 4th will be cancelled.

Tournament Chair: Judy Weeks (absent)

Website/Tee Times Chair: Brooke Stroup

Brooke will update the website with new application, bylaws, local rules, standing rules, and current roster.

Brooke reported B team dues will increase to $40.00 this year.

Social Chair: CJ Michael

CJ will look for a site to hold our April 11th Orientation meeting.

Historian – MaryAnn Spry (absent)

Respectfully submitted, Lyn Magette, Secretary

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