To sign up for the October tee times, click on  October Tee Time Signup.
If you want to change/cancel your original tee time signup or a scheduled tee time before 5pm the Sunday before play, submit a  Change/Cancel form.
Unused tee times are returned a week before play so requests after then are honored only if space is available.

To cancel/signup for spot after Sunday at 5pm before a playday, please call the pro shop at 303-409-2250 #3 and also email the Tee Time Chair if you can.
If you submit another signup for the month, please make sure to specify your request for every playday, because it overrides the previous form.  Thanks! 

If you'd like to bring a friend for an opening, use the Change/Cancel link above or make a note on your signup to let the Tee Time Chair know.

October 30
After Season Golf
Please arrive at least 20 minutes early in case we have to rearrange tee times 
for cancellations... thanks!  Also if you cancel please call the course to be removed from tee sheet.  Thank you.

Always check final tee sheet Monday before playday

      Tee Time                                              Players                                        

            9:54         Linda Gray, Colleen Renner, Brooke (9) 
          10:03         Kim Duffy, CJ Michael, Barb Peneder



previous week...

ee Time                                              Players                                                    

 8:33           Kim Duffy, Brooke Stroup, Linda Gray, Judy Weeks 
          8:42           Mary Ann Spry, Judy Borgeson, Colleen Renner, Kay Danielson          
          8:51           Georgia Kraft, Terry Usry, Lynn Kelleher, CJ Michael
Georgia Kraft, Lynn Kelleher, Yong Ibeling
         7:39             Brooke Stroup, Barb Peneder, Dorothy Kreps
         7:48             Kim Duffy, Diane Burke, Colleen Renner 
         7:57             Judy Weeks, Terry Usry, Kim Danielson, Kay Danielson

      Judy Weeks, Kim Duffy, Barb Peneder
         7:39            Dorothy Kreps, CJ Michael, Linda Gray
         7:48            Debbie Manning, Georgia Kraft,Teri Reinig, Diane Burke
         7:57            Kathy Long, Lynn Kelleher, Mary Ann Spry, Judy Borgeson
7:30            Kim Duffy, Kathy Long, Debbie Manning, Brooke Stroup
         7:39            Dorothy Kreps, Lynn Kelleher, CJ Michael, Georgia Kraft 
         7:48            Yong Ibeling, Diane Burke, Barb Peneder, Colleen Renner


          Linda Gray, Teri Reinig, Judy Borgeson, Lynn Kelleher
         7:39            CJ Michael, Terry Usry, Kathy Kennedy, Judy Weeks
         7:48            Kim Duffy, Barb Peneder, Yong Ibeling, Dorothy Kreps

                            Teri Reinig, Barb Peneder CJ Michael
         7:39            Georgia Kraft, Judy Weeks, Mary Ann Spry, Colleen Renner
         7:48            Brooke Stroup, Linda Gray, Terry Usry, 

7:30            Georgia Kraft, Barb Peneder, Linda Gray, Colleen Renner 
         7:39            Yong Ibeling, Mary Ann Spry, Brooke Stroup, Judy Weeks
         7:48            Terry Usry, Kim Duffy, Judy Borgeson
         7:57            CJ Michael, Teri Reinig, Lynn Kelleher

         7:30           Judy Weeks, Judy Borgeson, Teri Reinig
         7:39           Mary Ann Spry, Dorothy Kreps, Linda Gray
         7:48           Barb Peneder, Terry Usury, Diane Burke (eof)
         7:57           Yong Ibeling, Kay Danielson, Colleen Renner, Lynn Kelleher      
         8:06           Kim Danielson, Georgia Kraft, Kim Duffy, Brooke Stroup

         8:33             Georgia Kraft, Terry Usry, Brooke Stroup
         8:42             Teri Reinig, Debbie Manning, Colleen Renner, Judy Weeks
         8:51             Lynn Kelleher, Kim Danielson, Kay Danielson, Lyn Magette
         9:00             Kim Duffy, Kathy Long, Barb Peneder, Linda Gray

                   Georgia,Linda, Teri, 
         8:42             Yong, Lyn, Judy, Barb
         8:51             Brooke, Deb, Kim Du
         9:00             Kim Da, Kay, Colleen

         8:33             Linda G, Judy B, Brooke
         8:42             Kim Du, Kathy, Lynn K
         8:51             CJ, Barb, Colleen 



, , Date 

Please arrive at least 20 minutes early in case we have to rearrange tee times for cancellations...thanks! 
Reminder:  always check final tee sheet Monday night before the playday 

    Tee Times                                      Players                                                
     7:30 TC          
     7:39 flt 2                      
     7:48 flt 2        
     7:57 flt 1     
     8:06 flt 1     
     8:15            reserved for associates





Click HERE to read about our Tee Time procedures for signing up and cancelling tee times.

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