Last Day of Golf October 2012 - Great Costumes!!

 2012 Championship Tournament Winners

Congratulations to...


Flight 1:   Club Champion - Brooke Stroup    2nd Low Gross - Kim Duffy   1st Low Net - Marge Maness

Flight 2:   1st Low Gross - Judy Borgeson  2nd Low Gross - Dorothy Kreps  3rd Low Gross - Nancy Calahan   1st Low Net - Ann Caffrey

  Congratulations on Hole-in-One Kim!!!
August 7, 2012  Hole #11



2012 Handicap Tournament Winners

Flight 1:  1st Low Gross - Marge Maness   1st Low Net - Kim Duffy  2nd Low Net -  Judy Borgeson  3rd Low Net - Debbie Manning  
Flight 2:  1st Low Gross -  Mary Ann Smith  1st Low Net -  Bonnie Kelly  2nd Low Net -  Dee Klingman  3rd Low Net -  Helen Hutchinson
 4th Low Net - Ann Caffrey (not pictured)

 2012 Ringer Tournament Winners


Flight 1:  1st Low Net - Brooke Stroup   2nd Low Net - Marge Maness   3rd Low Net - Kim Duffy   1st Low Gross - Debbie Manning

Flight 2:   1st Low Net - Dorothy Kreps   2nd Low Net - Nancy Calahan    3rd Low Net - Bonnie Kelly   1st Low Gross - Debbie Hickey

 Golf Clinic June 5

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